19 October 2008


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Oh. You need be passionate and dedicated to keep art in your life....the other thing I have just been passionate about is the hope that Barack Obama will be our next president! Imagine being inspired by our president, imagine wanting to be a better person because your leader is such a good role model. I was so honored to participate in an energizing fundraiser for Obama this weekend...it was a total grass roots event with so many people helping & showing up.

Shibumi Gallery & friends were part of Fashioning Change; a show + silent auction hosted by Rachel Neumann. A fundraiser for Obama's final two weeks of his campaign. Shibumi artists & other Bay Area jewelers donated work along with many talented fashion designers. Ocelot Clothing featured many of the Shibumi's jewelry artists in the fashion show.

Thank you contributors, artists, friends, clients, with the help of your talent and generosity, we raised over $20,000 for Obama and got over 400 people to come out, get energized about the election, donate, and have fun while doing it!

Now a few shots from the show featuring Ocelot Clothing as one of six talented fashion designers.
Enamel Jewelry by April Higashi

Carnelian Seed Pod Brooch by Karen Gilbert

Oxidized Silver O earrings & necklace by Biba Schutz

Silver Moth Earrings by Maya Kini

Check out the hope on her cheek

& the hope in the crowd.

Ocelot's designer Angelina DeAntonis (center) with friends

Angelina after the runway show.

Rebecca Sako and me getting ready for the silent auction

Shibumi & friends silent auction bidding...$$$
Thank you Anna for your help.
No more rum punch for me, notice the water.

Tara Rech, friend & volunteer has the winning bid for the THIS ONE scarf
other side of the scarf says

O make it so on November 4th!

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