09 December 2008

Karen Gilbert: Trunk Show

Karen Gilbert is one of my favorite working jewelers. By working I simply mean, she supports herself (& actually her family) on selling her jewelry as art. Her work always continues to evolve with great integrity and thoughtfulness.

Last weekend Karen Gilbert brought new work to Shibumi for a trunk show. She is doing some new pieces with mica. When worn they catch the light and refract with the movement of the wearer. They are beautiful. Her combination of materials are earthy, playful and sophisticated. She never seizes to amaze me with her new directions and explorations.

Karen's jewelery is shown at Shibumi Gallery year round. And for the holidays, we have some great prices on her earrings.

" I see my work from two sides. one is the exploration of materials; the other is the content of my ideas. the functional forms in nature and science, put together, are those we find familiar. i see these most primal forms as road maps for everything we think and feel. the smallest can be a visual representation of the larger complexity. what is underneath the surface is what i choose to explore. i try to question ideas about where comfort and beauty are found. the objects i make are my expressions of a new narrative."--- Karen Gilbert

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