08 October 2009

San Francisco Chronicle Article: West Berkeley- Fourth Street

I got written up in the Sunday SF Chronicle last week. A story on a few West Berkeley Artisans. There is a little surprise announcement at the end of my article. Read it and see.

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Marilena said...

Dear April,
congratulations! We are so happy for you and Eric. This is supremely wonderful news, I cannot even begin to imagine how creative this new person will be!
I occasionally read your blog, usually when I get Angelina's updates on the life of Ocelot. I enjoy it a lot, and this last entry is particularly inspiring. I spent a lifetime figuring out a way between intellectual and manual work, and I still haven't found my own personal balance.
We are well, still in Sicily, still not knowing clearly what is next in our lives. As soon as my paperwork is done, we'll move back to the US, probably NY City, but we will visit the Bay Area and we will definitely come see you in Berkeley!
Hugs & Love, Marilena (with Peter and Giovanna)