27 February 2010

Tina Rath / Jewlery Show

Our current show, Tina Rath / Jewelry has been extended through March 28, 2010.

Tina is currently working on a large scale project Wanderlux: phase I, which premiered at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Portland, Maine in November 2009. And the grand finale: Waderlux: phase II will show with Sienna Gallery at SOFA NY in 2010. It will contain jewelry objects amongst the installation both in view and found in secret drawers.

above: Wanderlux I, Institute for Contemporary Art in Portland, Maine

As long as I've known Tina her projects always come from a personal space. Her work challenges and expands the context of jewelry. This is reflected in the individual pieces as well as the unique contexts she creates to view them in. In Wanderlux she explores finding home, being strongly drawn to nature and being present in the moment. Tina has returned to California through a teaching sabbatical from Maine College of Art, to work on this intensive project. Her love for the outdoors and the beautiful forms of lichen, mushrooms and vastness of nature have enriched her life and play a central role in her current work.
Shibumi Gallery is currently is featuring her her most wearable and elegant jewelry which is directly influenced by Wanderlux. Similar in feel from the larger scale project, the collector can buy a single brooch or wear them in multiples.
above: Floral Scatterpins, oxidized silver

The forms are made of all natural materials; wood, ivory, fur, antler, gold, quartz and congac diamonds.
above: African Blackwood Earrings with Gold Dots, Mushroom Cluster Scatterpins

above: Antler/Mineral brooches, mule deer antler, sterling silver, mink

above: Antler Rossette Brooches with Cognac Diamond and Antler Rosette Brooch with 18ky Dots, Long Fringe Earrings, 18kyg

You can see a brief write up of the show on the Art Jewelry Forum website or better yet come see more of the work in person at Shibumi.

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