15 March 2010

My Latest Work of Art...


Ando Mika Higashi Powell
03 . 03 . 10

6 lbs 11 ounces

Year of the Tiger / Pisces
Ando / pronounced (ahn-doe)/Japanese for Peaceful & Stable, also means East.
安(an) = peace, stable
東(dou, higashi) = east

Mika / pronounced (mee-ka)/Japanese for New Moon.
(We were married on Winter Solstice '06, Wedding Party on Summer Solstice '07, Doctor called us to tell us we were pregnant after 6.5 years on Summer Solstice '09!)

We are well & adjusting into our new life. I had a super short (intense) natural birthing under 4 hours! Our baby was almost born on the way to the hospital! We are in bliss, he is an amazing boy!

With love to all of you for all your support & good wishes!

April, Eric & Ando