03 June 2010

Julia Turner - Notation

above brooch: Notation, red enamel, wood, paint, steel

Our current show "Notation" JULIA TURNER features a new body of work focusing on Julia's jewelry and new wall pieces. The work is reminiscent of architectural landscapes and blurred images that reminded me of cityscapes, textiles, and scattered flying birds. The work is black and white accented with a vibrant red; enamel, wood, glass, and red sapphires. Displayed on a cool gray table top in a considered fashion, the show invites you to view from a quiet place and ponder the imagery.

The media is industrial white paint on patinated steel scratched away to form markings and later leaving abstract narrative impressions. As always, Julia's detailing of the work is thoughtful and her execution
precise. Each piece is artfully thought out and even the backside including her clasps and attachments, is dealt with with the same kind of precision and care for detail.

above: Julia Turner informal talk at Shibumi opening / ring: Red Stack Ring, wood, paint, steel

In 2004 Julia and I were exhibiting together at Collect which was hosted by the Victoria and Albert Museum. While walking around the Museum she shared her idea to scratch through white opaque surfaces. Now in this body of work the idea is fully realized. When Julia spoke at Shibumi I mentioned this and she laughed when recalling the unfolding of this process.

Her process in making the pieces involves starting with a large sheet of steel, and scraping shapes and lines according to a feeling connected to the motion, rather than directly composing imagery. She then later scans the sheet for smaller sections which she extracts specifically for their impact when they are viewed within a small boundary. As a jeweler myself it is interesting that she has come up with these techniques to undermine her temptation to scrutinize and perfect everything.

Julia Turner center with wall piece details

Julia Turner's work integrates a painterly quality which is one of the reasons why her pieces are so sought after by collectors. The fact she is transitioning into larger works that forgo the function of wearability seems like a natural progression. Her wall pieces, also on painted on steel, debut at this show.

above brooch: Lookout, steel, wood, 18k gold

Along with the steel painted work Julia shows the wooden stacks with heavy sanding marks. Simple forms become dimensional landscapes and intentional compositional piles. The show is up through June 27th and we continue to show and represent her work year long. To see more of the work along with Julia's wall pieces please visit Shibumi Gallery or inquire for additional show images.

An additional article on the Art Jewelry Forum blog by the artist can be seen here.

above necklace: Black Pile, wood, paint, steel, gray string

above brooch: Satellite,red sapphires, wood, paint, steel, silver

above brooch: Ikat, wood, paint, steel, 18k gold

above pendant: Border, wood, paint, steel

above brooch: Red Fields, wood, paint, steel

above brooch: You Are Here, wood, paint, steel

above brooch: Stripes, wood, paint, steel

above brooch: Break, wood, paint, steel

above necklace: Red Light Strand, faceted glass, wood, paint, steel

above earrings: Storm, paint, steel, 18ky gold / Julia Turner partial show detail

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Don Friedlich said...

Hi Julia,

The work looks fabulous, as always. I'd still love to trade if you're ever up for it.

I hope the show is a great success. Perhaps we will cross paths one of these days at a SNAG conference.

Don Friedlich